Buying or selling a home with a pool adds another dimension to the sale that should not be overlooked. For the buyer, it is a matter of protecting your best interests to order a pre-purchase pool inspection. In much the same way that you would have the home inspected, a pool inspection is designed to uncover any current or potential problems that may cost thousands of dollars and require a pool repair in Atlanta. An inspection by an experienced pool service professional should eliminate any unpleasant surprises when settling in to your new home.

For sellers, ordering a professional pool inspection in Atlanta prior to listing a home for sale can be a great marketing tool. Buyers are always leery about a home with a pool, especially if they have never owned a pool before. A complete pool inspection from certified inspectors in Atlanta will answer any questions potential buyers will likely have about the swimming pool, and assure that the swimming pool does not stand in the way of selling your home as quickly as possible. To schedule an Atlanta pool inspection, contact Pinnacle Pools today.

Why should I get a pool inspection?

Pool inspections certify your pool is clean and safe when you are either buying or selling a home. They make the buying and selling process much easier and can save you from costly repairs.

Pool Inspections Near Me


Our complete pool inspections also include evaluation of the plumbing and electrical system. This includes the lighting and any issues that pose a safety risk. In many cases, it is a smart choice to have a new pool installation inspected by a third party inspector. Even with reputable pool builders and experienced city inspectors, a keen extra set of eyes often catch potential issues that others have missed during a pool cleaning service in Atlanta.

The Atlanta pool inspectors at Pinnacle Pools have an extensive background in pool construction, renovation, service, and repairs. This complete knowledge of swimming pools and pool systems enables our technicians to provide a truly in-depth look at the condition of the pool and costs that may be incurred now or in the near future to repair structural issues or replace system components. Don’t put thousands of dollars at risk! Call Pinnacle pools and order a complete pool inspection today.

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