Buford Pool Cleaning Services

Water, water, everywhere. Located just off the southern banks of Lake Lanier, water sports and activities are a way of life in Buford, Georgia. This energetic town has a history of hard work and diligence, but nowhere is the adage work hard, play hard more readily embodied than in Buford.

History of Buford

Exploding onto the scene in 1872 as a railway stop on the tracks between Atlanta and Charlotte, Buford made its first headways into the industrial revolution with leather tanning and goods. The “Leather City,” as it was nicknamed, skipped the “sleepy little village” stage most towns of this era went through. Instead, through the vision of the industrious and forward-thinking town founders, Buford sprung up to be a center of industry for the region, even earning it another nickname: “The New York of Gwinnett.”

However, don’t let all this diligence fool you into thinking that Buford is all work and no play. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The residents and visitors to this historical town enjoy a plethora of fantastic pastimes: water skiing and tubing, swimming, boating, and fishing, to name a few.

Beat the Heat: Your Buford, GA PoolGreg Stephens

With a climate classified as “humid, subtropical” it is no wonder that water sports are a major activity in this town. Moreover, with the hot, humid summers, backyard swimming pools abound. Having your own pool not only helps beat the heat on a sticky July afternoon, but pools also provide the focal point for all-American neighborhood barbecues and family reunions.

Owning a pool should be a source of fun, excitement, and, yes, even relaxation. However, like a home or car, swimming pools require regular cleaning and maintenance to prolong their life and prevent costly repairs. The chemical testing and additions to keep the water balanced properly can be nothing short of a nightmare (I hope you paid attention in high school chemistry class!!) And, keeping your filters and pumps clean is a major step in maintaining the inviting crystal blue waters of your pool, and in preventing damage. Replacing pool pumps or filters can be a costly penalty for not keeping up with your cleaning.

Let Pinnacle Pool Services Take your Stress Away

Pinnacle Pool Services Technicians are standing by to assist with all of your pool maintenance needs. We want you to spend your hard-earned, well-deserved time off relaxing pool-side and not scrubbing tile decks or lugging heavy bags of chemicals around.

Let a Pinnacle Pool Service professional come clean your pool. For regularly schedule pool maintenance, our professionals will:

  • Clean equipment areas
  • Clean and flush the backwash filters
  • Skim surface debris
  • Scrub walls and deck tiles
  • Check and balance chemicals (needed to prevent bacteria or algae growth.)

All while you relax in your hammock or play ball with your kids. We want you to take back your weekend!

Pinnacle Pool Services can be called upon to save your free time with regularly scheduled pool maintenance visits, or a one time deep clean when you have let it go too long and can’t tackle it yourself. Pinnacle Pools can also step in and address any repairs or pool inspection needs you have, whether with an existing pool or the one in your new backyard.

Pinnacle Pool Service professionals have been cleaning and maintaining the pools of Atlanta and its suburbs with on time, courteous, and expert pool care since 1996. Save your weekend, let the experience and expertise of Pinnacle Pool Services work for you. Whether you need to schedule a one-time cleaning or set up a schedule for routine maintenance, contact Pinnacle Pools today.

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