Norcross Swimming Pool Services


Norcross, Georgia is the quintessential American small town. Situated off of Interstate 85, just outside of Atlanta, Norcross is close to the big city but feels a lifetime away. While Atlanta and some surrounding areas have bustled and grown, exploding into the 21st century, Norcross has chosen, instead, to embrace a simpler era. This little town that time forgot holds tight to its history with stately, antebellum homes and a downtown with a main street feel straight out of Mayberry.

In this quaint Atlanta suburb, neighbors wave as cars drive past, greet you by name and never forget a birthday. When you picture Norcross, picture cotton clouds in sapphire skies, and emerald green lawns with children darting through sprinklers. In this picturesque place, family get-togethers and neighborhood pool parties are a staple of summer. Pinnacle Pool Services, blending old-fashioned courtesy with up-to-date knowledge, keeps those pools pristine and sparkling all year long;

Owning a Pool in Norcross, GeorgiaPool Maintenance Service

When you own a pool, it should bring you joy and relaxation, not a headache or bust the bank. To keep your pool in tip-top shape, it is imperative that you keep up with all maintenance. The chemical treatment for your pool can be confusing, but it is awfully expensive to fix if you get it wrong. The day-to-day (and month-to-month) cleanings and upkeep can feel like back breaking chores, but replacing pool pumps or filters that are damaged by stagnant, dirty water can break your pocketbook instead.

Why Work with Pinnacle Pool Services?

Pinnacle Pool Services is your Norcross one-stop shop for all of your pool maintenance needs. Whether you need a one-time cleaning when you have let it go a little too long to tackle yourself, or want regularly scheduled pool maintenance or preventative maintenance visits, Pinnacle Pools can help. Packages are available to suit your needs and increase the savings.

Pinnacle Pool cleaning packages include: vacuuming, surface skimming, cleaning the filter baskets, scrubbing surface tile and walls, cleaning the equipment areas, emptying and clearing your backwash filter, and checking and balancing chemicals. Pinnacle Pools can also take care of any repairs or pool inspection needs that you may have when purchasing or selling property.

Pinnacle Pools have been providing Atlanta and its suburbs with premier pool service since 1996. Put that experience and expertise to work for you. A pool is a substantial investment; with the proper care and maintenance, your pool will last, providing you years of hassle free enjoyment. To set up a schedule for routine maintenance, contact Pinnacle Pools today.

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