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In order to protect your pool’s equipment, you should be aware of general pool maintenance tips.

Follow these frequently asked questions to gain insight on how to care for your pool system.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where should I keep my pool’s water level?

The water level should be maintained 3 inches above the bottom of the tile. Or at least halfway up the skimmer.

How long should pool pumps run?

Pumps should run for a minimum of eight hours during the warm season. Clear booster pumps only need to run for two hours. During the winter the runtime can be a little bit less.

Why does my salt water pool need chlorine during the winter?

Salt systems do not generate chlorine once the water has reached below 60°F.

When should I close my pool?

If you are going to close your pool you should most definitely wait until the water temperature has dropped significantly so that the pool will not go green and be contaminated with algae.

How often should I check chemicals?

Chemicals need to be maintained at least once a week. The most important chemicals are the chlorine and pH.

How often do filters need to be clean/back washed?

Sand and DE filters need to be back washed once the pressure has gone up by 5 pounds. Filter cartridges need to be cleaned at least twice a year.

Does my heater need to run to keep my pipes from freezing?

The heater does not need to run. As long as the water is moving, it will not freeze. If your pipes have frozen, you should schedule a repair service.

This is Georgia- Do I really need to worry about closing my pool?

Most of our customers actually do not close their pools. It is just a personal preference.

Are salt water pool systems better?

Salt systems make maintaining the chlorine level easier in the warmer season. There are many benefits to owning a salt water system, but there are also disadvantages. The main problem with salt water systems is that you never know when it’s broken until your pool is green.

Is the floating chlorinator dangerous?

The floating chlorinator itself is not dangerous. Do not open it and play with the tabs.

What all do you do when you come out here?

We do everything, starting with cleaning up the scammers, balancing the chemicals, vacuuming the bottom of the pool, brush in the walls as necessary, backwashing the filter as necessary. And of course we are making sure that the chemicals are perfectly balanced.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

What is the owners name again?

His name is Greg. Greg Stephens.

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